The Reverend Francis Kilvert lived from December 1840 to September 1879.
His diary runs from January 1870 until just before his death on 23 September 1879.

It is a fantastic account of life during Queen Victoria’s reign, where people travelled from farm to farm, village to village.
Covering families, individuals, events at home and in foreign lands, illness, sickness, happy times, not only in his own life but also of those around him.
Kilvert goes into detail about his fabulous surroundings.

I first came across reference to Kilvert’s diary, when searching out the great John Betjemen’s tv work during the 1960s & 70s.
Betjemen made a program called, “Vicar of this parish,” which was shown on the BBC.
This was a direct reference to Kilvert’s diary, with Betjemen reading selected entries.

From this, I purchased a copy of the book, (I’m three quarters of the way through it as I write) it is a very good read, very humorous and laid out well.
It helps to understand how life used to be and how times have changed.

This post should be filed in the Chain of interest section, as once again it has lead me on a journey.

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